Rural Economic Action Plan

The Oklahoma Legislature has appropriated funding for small, rural communities with populations under 7,000 called the Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP). According to state legislation, the funds related to REAP projects are distributed through the 11 councils of government in the state, including ACOG.

ACOG administers the grant process in Central Oklahoma for REAP projects, with a $100,000 maximum for a single grant.

REAP grants require no match and may fund projects such as road and street construction or repair, drainage projects, rural highway improvements, county bridge construction or repair, industrial access road construction or repair, among other specific transportation projects.

REAP grants may include improvements in rural water quality, rural solid waste disposal or treatment, rural sanitary sewer construction or upgrades, provision of rural health care services (including emergency medical care), telecommunications improvements, projects that increase employment levels, and municipal energy distribution system improvements.

Through annual workshops held at ACOG offices, communities receive assistance in the development of projects and grant applications. Project applications are reviewed by an advisory committee then approved by the ACOG Board of Directors.

2017 REAP Application and Cover Letter

Please click the following links to access the documents.

Staff Contact

Barbara Hurdman
Special Programs Officer

Jennifer McCollum, APRĀ 
Division Director
Public Relations and Community Development

REAP Statute


The Legislature find that general economic conditions in rural areas of the State of Oklahoma reflect reduced individual earning power, relatively lower returns on business investment and the corresponding effects upon the fiscal capacity of political subdivisions the geographical area of which consists primarily of unincorporated areas or relatively small municipalities. In order to remove impediments to economic development in rural areas, in order to alleviate the sometimes negative effects of lower population density, population decreases, and increased demand for governmental services and in order to maintain a desirable quality of life for residents and other legal entities i rural areas, the Legislature hereby establishes a procedure pursuant to which public funds may be used in a flexible manner for the general improvement of living nad working conditions in predominantly rural areas of the State of Oklahoma for which an identifiable needs has been determined.

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