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Follow ACOG's Professional Geologist John Harrington as he blogs about water in Central Oklahoma.

One More Battle in the Texas Water Wars

The annual guessing game for the Supreme Court docket is currently on and one of the cases may cover familiar ground. Although a Supreme Court decision for Oklahoma concerning water was handed down last spring, there is one more water case for Texas that must be...

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If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It

Last week was the annual World Water Week, a global conference hosted and organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). The World Water Week has been the annual focal point for the globe's water issues since 1991 and is an interesting bell weather...

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Water Resources Reform Legislation in September

Congress has a lot on its plate after the summer recess.Although the war drums on Syria and the fiscal budget battle will likely take up a lot of oxygen on Capitol Hill, other legislation is moving forward at a rapid pace as well.  One major piece of legislation in...

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Groundwater Depletion Continues Throughout US

In the past eight weeks two separate reports from the federal government have come out detailing the ongoing depletion of the nation’s major aquifers. Publishing in Science Magazine, principle author James S. Famiglietti details the results of the GRACE mission (the...

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Lake Thunderbird Water Quality under Public Review

Lake Thunderbird will be the focus of several public meetings hosted by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality in July as stricter standards for the lake are proposed.  The Oklahoma Water Quality plan will be modified as these new standards are incorporated...

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ACOG Water Calendar

EVENT SPONSOR DATE         LINK 2013 Secchi Dip-In EPA Jun   29 – Jul 21 http://www.secchidipin.org/ Lake Thunderbird TMDL Workshop ODEQ 23-Jul https://www.deq.state.ok.us/wqdnew/tmdl/thunderbird/index.html Brownfield ARC Grant Writing Workshop - Stillwater ODEQ...

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Oklahoma City Water “Best of the Best”

It just might make you think before you buy your next bottle of water. Earlier this month the American Water Works Association gave the thumbs up to Oklahoma City as the first-place winner in the annual Tap Water Taste Test. The event is composed of regional finalists...

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